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Behind On Payments?

Have Your Mortgage Payments Become Too Much?

When you first got your mortgage, you could handle your payments. But life has a way of turning upside down. If you’ve had a divorce or lost your job, you may suddenly be in a position where you can only pay a portion of the mortgage. Unfortunately, the bank doesn’t allow partial payments. They want it all, and they want it now, despite any health problems or other circumstances that are beyond your control.

When you’ve tried your hardest and find yourself out of time to make up the mortgage payments, what you need is our experience. We’ve helped other families to get back on track financially with their mortgage lenders. That’s what we do. If you’ve been staying up late at the kitchen table, stressing over the bills and wondering if there was another solution out there…you’ve come to the right place! Let us give you some options that nobody ever told you about!

Relocation/Job Transfer?

Do You Suddenly Have To Leave?

One minute things are settled…and the next, your world turns inside out. You have to move, and soon! The problem is, real estate agents often take months to sell a house. And you know you don’t want to “dump” your home for some ridiculously low price. How can you move quickly, and still get a good price for your house?

You’ve come to the right place! We specialize in just these types of situations. We can usually give you not just one, but several options for solving your problem. When you meet with us, we’ll listen carefully to your situation, and will quickly formulate choices that no one else probably told you about. You have enough on your mind with a relocation; let us help you take one worry “off your plate!”

Too Many Vacancies?

Worried About Your Vacant House?

Has your vacant house become a stone around your neck? With crime rates these days, no amount of care seems to deter vandals from noticing that a house is vacant. In a matter of minutes they can destroy years of careful maintenance.

What’s worse, many insurance companies have “fine print” that allows them to deny coverage to you for the vandalism, even if you’ve been paying the premiums all along! They might claim that if the house has been vacant longer than 30 days, the property is no longer covered.

All this worry and expense gets to a point where it’s not worth keeping the vacant house. Even so, you want to get a fair price for it. That’s where we come in: We can see the value in even a “fixer upper” house; we act quickly; and we’ll give you a fair price for your valuable asset. We’re real estate problem solvers.

Need To Settle An Estate?

Are You Suddenly Having To Go Through Probate With An Estate?

If you’ve just been through the trauma of losing a loved one, the last thing you need is the nuisance of dealing with all the estate details.

Not only that, but maybe the property needs repairs, or is behind on payments. Where are you going to get the money to bring everything current?

The fact is, you already had a life before all these extra “estate” responsibilities came along. If they could all be solved quickly, that would be one thing…but unfortunately, the probate process for estates can drag on for months. The biggest piece of an estate is often the home, and it’s also the hardest to deal with, in many cases. That means time and aggravation that you can’t afford.

Let us help, by giving you options. We’re expert at solving real estate problems quickly and fairly. That way, you can put these sudden complications behind you now, and focus on what counts–your family.

Expired Listing?

Has Your Real Estate Agent Failed To Deliver?

When you told your real estate agent that you needed to sell your house, you probably heard all kinds of great stories about how they’ll have it sold in no time, at a great price.

That’s NOT how it’s worked out, though. Instead of hearing great stories, now you’re hearing great excuses for why they haven’t sold your house: “It needs more bedrooms; you need to come down in price; the school district isn’t the best”, etc.

At this point, what you really need is an experienced professional to get your house sold. That’s where we come in: We are not interested in listing your house again; we’re interested in buying it! That’s because we’re professional real estate investors. We’ve built our reputation over the years for quick action and fair prices. We can often give you even more than one solution to your problem.

You just want honest, straight talk, followed by results. That’s exactly what we’ll provide.

Bad Tenants?

Are Bad Tenants More Than You Bargained For?

Some people just have no respect for other peoples’ property!

Do you have a tenant that fits that description? You might have become a landlord accidentally, because you couldn’t find someone to buy your house when you needed to leave town; or you might have always wanted to own rental property. Either way, when a nightmare of a tenant moves in, the situation can suddenly become unbearable: The late night calls to fix the toilet…the excuses for late (or no) rent payments…the damage they’re doing to your property…any one of these can be enough to drive you up a wall.

If you’re tired of fighting with ungrateful, unreasonable people, give us a call. We can act quickly to give you one or more solutions to your land-lording problem.

Facing Foreclosure?

Is Foreclosure On The Horizon?

If you’ve been served with papers that threaten foreclosure, you don’t have much time. Even if your situation is due to health problems, a lost job, or other things out of your control, the sad truth is the lender doesn’t care.

If only you had other options!

We’re real estate problem solvers, and might very well be able to bring you the very solution you’ve been searching for. We aren’t just another real estate agency that wants to list your house and make you wait. Instead, we’re real estate investors that know how to act quickly AND provide clear, fair solutions.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain by contacting us. We’ll quickly tell you what solutions we can offer to make your nightmare go away.


Divorce Is Tough Enough…

Some time ago, you moved into that house and thought you might live there a long time. But now, things have changed. What seemed before like a big house is now unbearably small, when two people want to go their separate ways. One or both of you want out of that house…or maybe one person’s already moved out, and the other is left with making the whole mortgage payment.

You have way too much on your mind to be dealing with getting your house sold quickly and for a fair price. That’s why you don’t need a real estate agent to list your property while you wait, and wait…You need someone to buy your property, and solve this problem right now. We are experts at dealing with difficult real estate problems. Because we’re investors, we can pay you a fair price for your property without making you wait weeks, months, or even longer.

Tax Liens?

Is Your Property Saddled With Judgments Or Liens?

Have you been hounded by creditors who slapped liens or judgments on your property, and won’t give up? Sometimes these people just go too far. We’ve dealt with such problems in the past, and know how to solve them!

You have rights, and you deserve some options for clearing your property from these burdens. It’s time they left you alone! Let us help.


Do you have too much stuff?

One moment your property is fine, and the next moment you realize all the stuff you have collected over the years.  It’s become a hoarder home without you even realizing it!

If you’re seriously considering selling your property, you need someone who can look beyond all the items, that at one time were dear to you and now have become emotional baggage. We’re professional investors who can do just that. We have bought many houses where the owner was not emotional able to get rid of any of their possessions and so to make it easier on them, left them in the house for us to take care of for them so they could have a fresh start.

FREE Report

Amazing Secrets Of Selling Your House FAST For CASH In 7 Days Or Less!


…and six months behind on mortgage payments…
Tracy E. Blue Sky, AB

Who is Solution Home Buyers?

Solution Home Buyers is a family run business since 2003.  Over this time, we have solved dozens of property problems, and have helped the owners move on with their lives, knowing that they no longer have to worry about the payments, utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs of owning a home.

If your home has become more of a burden than a benefit, you have definitely come to the right place!  We will quickly buy your home, giving you CASH, debt relief, and the chance to quickly make the changes you are looking for.
You can rest assured when you are dealing with us.  We will do our absolute best to do the best job for you, and to treat you the way we would want to be treated.
We are not a Real Estate Agency and we do not want to list your house for a commission or fee! In fact, you don’t pay us anything! We have the best purchasing program for a homeowner to sell their house quickly without listing!

What Type Of Homes Are We Looking For?

We are looking for all types of single, multi-family homes or just a vacant lot. Your home does not have to be in perfect condition. With your property, we structure several options, and let you choose the one that best suits your needs. We take the financial burden of having to pay monthly mortgage payments off your back and we’ll take care of any rehab or maintenance, regardless of how minor or serious.

If your house qualifies, we will make a reasonable offer within 48 hours, and in some situations, close in as little as 7 days and pay you cash!

How Does Our Program Work?

Simply fill out the online form by clicking on the link below. One of us will contact you to begin discussing your options. For an even faster response, send us a text at 780-265-5006.

If your home has enough equity, it may qualify for an ALL CASH offer! Don’t worry, even if you have little or no equity at all, many times we can assume the existing debt so that you can get on with your life and never have to worry about your house again.

If you are ready to sell your house fast, click on the online form below! You will be contacted within 24 hours. There is no obligation to sell if you are not satisfied with our offer.

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